The Foundation of Finnish Book Institute


The Foundation of Finnish Book Institute promotes the knowledge and research of the cultural history of books and literature in Finland. The foundation, founded in 2004, operates from Sastamala, the Book Capital of Finland, and its operation is nationwide.


The aim of the foundation is to


  • Promote and cherish Finnish book culture and literature
  • Maintain and strengthen the larger public’s understanding of the cultural heritage, cultural history, and societal meaning of books and literature.


The foundation furthers the availability and accessibility of knowledge by practicing


  • Documenting
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Exhibition activities
  • Publishing
  • Event production
  • Education

Our mission is also to promote reading and be a societally active, participatory, and interactive actor.

The foundation executes its vision through the three units it administers.

The Finnish Book Institute is a nationwide literary field inspirer and reading equality promoter. The institute’s activity started as a project in 2001.

The Museum of Finnish Book Pukstaavi is a reinforcer and cherisher of book culture, a memorable and participatory actor, and an inspiring learning environment that is known for its new initiatives. Pukstaavi was opened in 2011.

Sastamala museum is an over 80-year-old cultural history museum that documents and displays the history of the area. The museum is invested in local partnerships. The museum moved under the foundation’s management at the beginning of 2012.