Pukstaavi, The Museum of Finnish Book opened its doors in Sastamala on 1 July 2011. It offers information and book-related experiences to all who are interested in books and reading, regardless of age. Exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, courses, workshops, publications and diverse events open fresh perspectives on the past and present of books.

The main exhibition tells the tale of the Finnish book from incunabula to the e-book. It gives a voice to people interested in books, including readers, librarians, printers and publishers. The exhibition also highlights the links between books and the development of schools, churches, politics and the entire society. Changing exhibitions focus on topical phenomena and people related to books and reading.

Pukstaavi is on the street Marttilankatu, in the centre of Sastamala, in a beautiful 1920s building with a gambrel roof. To meet the needs of the museum, the building was fully renovated, respecting its original style and features. Entrance to the museum is through a beautiful glass bay that is two storeys high.

After your tour of the museum, you can visit the Pukstaavi café and museum shop, along with the neighbouring House of Mr Clutterbuck, which is based on a children’s book character created by Mauri Kunnas. If you still have the energy, you can continue to one of Finland’s most important mediaeval stone churches St Olaf’s Church in Tyrvää on the impressive Rautavesi heritage site only a few kilometres away.